Did you know?

Mindfulness lays the foundation for emotional resilience, develops EQ and transforms classrooms from the inside out.

Bring your class to the forefront and revolutionize the way student learn. The result are simply PHENOMENAL.

Predicted Results

28% Higher Grades

In Reading, Mathematics & Science

43% Decrease

In Teacher's Stress 

60% Decrease

In Behavioral Issues

43% Increase

In Average G.P.A

 Increase concentration, integrity & grit in your classroom now!

What We Do

With the advent of new technologies and communication, children brought up in today’s society are overwhelmed with external stimulation causing major stress and anxiety.

The Mindful Scholar has developed a subscription-based online mindfulness platform for k-12 teachers to bring students back to emotional regulation with captivating mindfulness curriculums and animations for students as well as engaging online mindfulness training for teachers. Our App provides you with customized mindful exercises tailored to each classroom’s specific needs.  

Turn Student Data Into Tangible Results

Teachers get access to a dashboard to view KPI reports based on the rating of their classroom on a scale from 1 to 5:

  • Students generally appear to be paying more attention
  • Students generally appear to be more calm and self-controlled 
  • Students generally appear to have more self-care & increased participation 
  • Students generally appear to show more care for others 

Principals can acknowledge high performing teachers with our reward system.


Otis Delaney

English Montreal School Board Principal

The Mindful Scholar mindfulness approach is captivating and the founder, Rekha Magon's, calm demeanour permeates throughout any audience, classroom, or group. We have called upon The Mindful Scholar for professional development workshops for the entire staff and our teachers and support staff absolutely loved the energy and philosophy that The Mindful Scholar brought. Each time we are mesmerized by the many techniques used. I was most impressed at The Mindful Scholar's ability to mobilize an entire school of 250 students during an assembly. It was alsolutely amazing!!!!  

Shefali Tsabary

Clinical Psychologist. New York Times Best-Selling Author. Oprah’s Parenting Expert

With captivating and engaging techniques, The Mindful Scholar is my top recommendation for giving your children the lifelong gift of mindfulness. 

Simple yet effective, you will watch your children blossom into healthy, connected and creative bundles of joy. Every parent and school should use The Mindful Scholar's tools to nurture your children's whole being.

Edward Monaghan

UCLA Kinesthetics Brain Science Professor & Co-Founder of Ekata Training Centers

My wife and I own a center in Southern California that offers mindfulness and movement based learning tactics for adults and children called Ekata Training Center. We introduced "Mindful Ozzy" and he was quite the hit! We initially began to use him in the classroom for the 3 to 5 year old children but we learned very quickly that the older kids - and more importantly, the adults began to gain a clearer understanding of the process through the use of this simple learning tool. We've also found that the short lessons for children are a wonderful complement to our regular curriculum. I highly recommend "Mindful Ozzy" for anyone who wants to share mindfulness practice with their children along with professionals who need a simple and effective tool to convey the sometimes perplexing meaning of mindfulness practice to those who are new to the practice.

Online Staff Mindfulness Training

Student’s mimic the behavior and energy of adults. This professional development training empowers staff members to face their daily challenges in a mindful manner and how to be mindful role models for the student body.

Training Includes: 

  • Weekly mindfulness focus as a school community 
  • Discussion board questions 
  • Journal entries for self-reflection 
  • Accountability amongst co-workers 
  • Specific hands-on mindfulness practices